Ready, set …….. Go ?

Down in England events started up again in July, meanwhile in Scotland we are waiting for an update from the government to get the go ahead for some socially distanced eventing. The next update is on the 30th of July and the first event was supposed to be Kirriemuir on the 1st of August, however Kirriemuir has cancelled due to the update deadline.

While there is part of me that is a little jealous of those down south being out socially distanced eventing again, I would much rather wait a little longer to be safe. Rather than start too early and then have to go back into lockdown again.

The next event at Forgandenny, which is due to run on the 15th of August, are opening their entries on the 31st of July. I hoping Eva and I will be able to get to this, but I will have to be quick as I get the feeling that a lot of people from the north of Scotland will be entering too!

That means that Eva and I have about 3 weeks to get on form. However we aren’t starting from the strongest point. She lost a shoe and took off so much hoof that she went unsound then a week after we got it back on and started training again, she then pulled in lame again. I thought it was her feet but after hunting around I found a cut and a lump on her elbow something that she must of got while rolling. As it was right on the point I could see why she was finding it sore. Therefore she had a few more days off with me keeping a close eye and she became sound again. This means I have only just started riding again!

I have changed her feed slightly after speaking to a nutritionist and upped her feeding to have higher alfalfa content for that slow release energy. I would recommend anyone who wants to change their horses feed speak to a nutritionist, most horse feed brands offer free advise from a nutritionist.

Eva and I are now have 3 weeks to hopefully catch up a little and be ready to go for the first event! My rough plan for her is to jump once a week, hack once a week, then flat work twice a week, lunge once a week and then she gets two days off, but this will change depending on whats available in the schools. I also need to add in some work outs and runs for myself, this lock down hasn’t helped my waist line!

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