This blog was started in July 2017 as a way for me to share the progress of Eva and myself, so follow the adventures of the ginger horse and ginger human on our ups and downs on our way to enter the competition world. Since starting this blog I have collaborated various brands, if you are interested in collaborating with me then please use the contact page to get in touch!

In the summer of 2014 I bought my mare from a trekking centre were she was only there for a few months. Previous to that I don’t know much about her past, but I know she was moved over from Ireland roughly a year before I bought her. At first I moved her to a near by yard where only hacking was available, I tired to continue schooling but it just wasn’t working for us. I gave her the winter off and moved yards at the beginning of 2015.

From the start of 2015 until 2016 we really didn’t do much at all, we pottered about doing a little here and there but had no real focus until I could afford an instructor. With that instructor we were coming on leaps and bounds, but we need to go out and test what we were learning.

With a change in my life I decided I needed to move her and this brings us to the start of 2017. We moved to a yard with great facilities and that holds competitions on site making it absolutely perfect for us, as at the time I didn’t have any transport options.

From 2017 we have been slowly working away and have -through the kindness of others giving us lifts – managed to get out to a few events! Many of which you will find a blog post about.

My hope for the future is to continue our learning together. Eventing wise I hope do a full season of BE90s in the near future, for show jumping we are currently at 90 but I hope to be doing some 1m classes soon.


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