January Catch Up ’21

What with lock down and lots of rain I can’t say that Eva and I got up to much in January!

Since I last posted Eva has fully recovered from the nail in her foot incident, had several weeks off over Christmas and has since started coming back into work again. At the moment she is getting worked a maximum of 3 or 4 times a week and I’m needing to up her feed for her to keep up!

I’ll admit I had a look at the BE calendar as soon as it came out and sketched out a rough plan of the events that I would like to aim for but with things the way they are there is no guarantee that the events will run.

So with that in mind I want us to be ready to go out by the end of March so that if an opportunity does come up but I have no particular event that I’m aiming to get to.

Always at this time of year Eva and I get a little bored of being in the school all the time and itch to get out hacking again to do something different. The difficultly is that during the week it is dark by the time I get to the yard after work which means I rely on having decent weather at the weekends which so far hasn’t happened!

During February Eva will be getting the yearly MOT of the dentist, vaccinations and a general mane and tail tidy up. I’m hoping by the end of February Eva and I will back in the swing of things again.

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