August Catch up ‘21

Things are beginning to feel like normal again, well apart from the fact that I’m still working from home the majority of the time. I think I mostly say that because Eva has had more appointments this month!

Firstly we had the excitement of heading out in our own trailer for some cross country training, other than the slight hiccup of being difficult to load for the trip home she was foot perfect and I couldn’t of asked for more.

We then had our monthly visit from Cat for Evas massage, Evas shoulders had tightened up again but Cat worked her way through the tension even when Eva was trying her best to keep hold!

We also had a bit and bridle fitting.

Bit & Bridle Fitting

Having Evas bit and bridle fitted is not something that I would think to go out and book myself. Not because of any particular reason just but I would never think to do it!

So when one of the girls at the yard mentioned she was booking someone, out of curiosity I booked Eva on.

I ride Eva in a french link loose ring snaffle, including when jumping mostly because I want to encourage Eva forward as much as possible and this type of bit encourages the horse to relax, accept the contact and promote self carriage.

To start the session off the fitter checked their heads in the head collar so that she could see if there was any discomfort before the bridle was put on. When doing this she explained what she was checking and what reaction she was looking for, so that in the future we can check ourselves, this was a theme the whole way through so that when buying or fitting bridles in the future we are aware of what to look for. The initial check even included checking inside the mouth, for the tongue shape and shape of the roof of their mouth. The horse we were with had a different shape tongue and roof than Eva so it was interesting to see what was suggested bit wise for each.

We then put the bridles on and she had a look at the fit. Once she had assessed the bridle fit we then got on and had a walk round so that she could see how they go normally. For Eva’s bridle it was a little tight behind her ears due to the brow band being a little tight, the nose band needed loosened a hole and she also suggested that I get a sleeved loose ring snaffle to protect the side of her mouth, Eva’s current bit while it fits is just a little on the neat side.

During the fitting we were able to try on different bridles and bits to get a feel for the changes. The most change I felt was when we changed the bit – so a new one has been ordered! I’ve also ordered a bigger brow band and have been riding with the nose band loosened.

It was a really interesting session and I learnt what to look out for when it comes to pressure points on the head and mouth.

Planning ahead

At the very start of September Ive planned to enter the showjumping and have taken the plunge and entered the 1m class*

Eva will be having a week off as I’m away in the middle of September but I think I might have someone lunge her just to keep her ticking over as Im looking in to buying a new saddle at the end of September or at least start trying some. I’ve decided I would like a jumping saddle as I can do dressage in a jump saddle but cant jump in a dressage saddle – no doubt a dressage saddle will be my next big purchase but one thing at a time!

*I’m quite unorganised at the moment so this has actually already happened! But I will write about it in the September catch up!

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