June Catch up ’21

This month started with showjumping and ended with Eva on antibiotics! It's been a while a long while since we've been showjumping. In fact the last time we entered a showjumping competition was in October! Part of me really wanted to push it and do the 90cm and meter classes but I had a lesson [...]

Nailed It (….Literally)

The day after my last blog post I rode Eva and she was feeling fantastic. Like really good. I was starting to think on making up a training plan for over winter and enter the showjumping competition on the yard that was coming up. But I ended up having a slight spanner in the works [...]

Jumping back in

Over this course of this year Eva has lost fitness mainly because of... well ... *gestures vaguely towards the global pandemic*. Right now she is beginning to gain fitness again and her and her field pals have recently moved into a new field that has more grass, so I am feeling the effects. The other [...]

Going Barefoot On Purpose

Barefoot or not to barefoot. Previously Eva has accidentally ended up barefoot, through pulling shoes and half her hoof, but this winter I've made the decision to give it a proper go. Background When I first bought Eva whenever she lost a shoe she would be hopping lame. Poor girl was so sensitive that she [...]