March Dressage ’18

Originally for this month's dressage competition I had decided to sew the plaits in but did I remember to buy the stuff I need beforehand? No. At least I did remember to plait up the night before so it would be easier to just roll them up in the morning. We arrived bright and early [...]

Our First Arena Event

Arena Eventing - Competitors first complete a round of show jumps immediately followed by a cross country course, finishing over a joker fence set at 10cms higher than the rest of the course. As I do eventually want to compete in eventing as soon as I saw that this event was being held at the [...]

Blair Atholl Horse Trials 2017

Having been to Blair Atholl Horse Trials about 7 years in a row my friend and I fairly know our way around and generally have a plan of action. This year we brought our boyfriends with us so while we could very easily sit and watch class after class then spend the rest of the [...]