On this page you can find all the results of the competitions we have entered.

While at the end of the day the results are not the be all and end all, I personally like to keep track so that we can see our progress. I have chosen to share these as I am not a perfect rider, I do make mistakes and sometimes it just isn’t our day, but I am just learning what its like to compete so every chance I get is another experience we have to learn from. I hope by sharing these someone else who is just starting out to can gain some motivation to complete their goals.


Unaffiliated Showjumping

90cm – 6th (… I think. Read the post to find out why!)

June Dressage ’18

Prelim 13 – 4th  (57.5%)

Prelim 19 – 3rd  (53.75%)

Showing Show

screenshot_20180422-211635995953122.pngIn hand show Hunter – 5th

Ridden Event Horse – 3rd

March Dressage

Prelim 15 – 6th (61.8%)

Prelim 2 – 7th (59.31%)

2018-02-18 07.53.19 2.jpg

February Dressage

Prelim 14 – 7th (64.81%)

Prelim 17A – 2nd (63.97%)

Arena Event

Eliminated (Forgot the course!)



Halloween Fun Show

Mad Monsters (Accumulator) – 4th

Chase me Chuckle (Chase me Charlie) –  2nd

Unaffiliated Dressage (October)

Prelim 13 –  Eliminated – Wrong bit! (56.92%)

Prelim 19 – 8th (60.62%)

Area Festival – Unaffiliated Dressage (May)

Our first dressage test and it was part of an area festival so lots of scary flowers to look at!

Prelim 15 – 3rd (54%)


Unaffiliated Showjumping Competition (November)

The first showjumping show that we needed to look smart for.

75cm – 4th

85cm  – 6th



Local Riding Club Showing Show (July) 

It rained so much but we had a great time!

Hunter In hand – 6th

Hunter Ridden – 3rd


Showjumping schooling night (June)

Different venue from previous schooling night, plus she travelled alone!

75cm – 1st

85cm -1st



Showjumping schooling night (May) 

Knocked a pole therefore didn’t place but it was the first time out in two years!

75cm – N/a