Introducing ViziRider

Eva and I tested out the LED Hi-viz vest

Did you know this week is road safety week?

Winter is definitely closing in here in Scotland. While the temperature hasn’t dropped to what we expect the dark nights are definitely signalling the winter.

Hacking becomes a bit a little trickery for us riders during the winter as we have to negotiate the conditions along with chasing the light. If I had the option I wouldn’t hack on the roads but it’s just not feasible to avoid roads, therefore when I’m on the roads I always wear my Hi-Viz and I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to review the Vizirider LED vest.

The delivery was quick so Eva and I took it out for a test run during the last weekend to see how bright the LEDs are and I could stop here because I think the below photo speaks for itself!

Hi-viz from Vizirder

Let’s talk about the use;

  • The battery pack is a small USB rechargeable battery and was easy to charge and insert.
  • The lights have three different settings – constant, fast and slow flash.
  • 6 front white LEDs and 6 back red LEDs
  • Wide reflective panels
  • It is easy to do up with the zip

Eva is quite a spooky horse and she’s got to investigate everything so I wondered if she would react to the lights… She did not. She was quite happy while I demonstrated the different light settings as you can see in the below tiktok.


Early morning trying out our Vizirider vest

♬ I Ain’t Worried – Acoustic – OneRepublic

Vizirider product range included vests, gilets, jackets and backpack covers meaning you will definitely find something that suits your hi-viz needs. I selected a large vest and it fits well over my jacket. There is a size guide which you can find here.

I love the fact that it has a zip instead of velcro, I’ve always found the velcro vests come un-done easily while out hacking.

I also liked the rechargeable battery and how with a click of a button you can change the light settings very easily.

The Vizirider vest is available to order online for a price of £39.

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