Catch up ’22

Hello!! Its been a while since I last posted! In truth I started a few posts but just didn’t get round to actually finishing. So here’s a quick run down of what we’ve been up to …


January was warm and windy so Eva had a few stable days not because of snow but because the 50mph winds make it slightly on the dangerous side to be turning out!

Eva and I had a lesson early January to get ourselves going for the year. This was then followed by a pre season eventing clinic with a 3* eventer, of course I was called out in the first 5 mins for going to slow and over controlling. Whoops!


We went to the beach on our own! She was so good, a little nervous and did not go anywhere near the water but was quite happy to canter up and down the sand.


We entered a hunter trial!

Were we the slowest on our class ? Of course

Did we get round in one piece ? Yes!

It was a big ask for Eva, we’ve not been on a cross country course since August last year. So it was very much a case of kick on and take the jumps as they come.


We hired a xc course with water which was further away than the last training course we went to. She was epic.


First one day event of the year!

The dressage was a little disappointing as the grass was slippy so she just wasn’t moving forward and we got what I can only describe as “stuck and fussy”. We ended with a score of 39.5.

Showjumping, I dropped her at one of the fences which lead to an unlucky pole but otherwise a reasonably consistent round.

Cross Country, was not what I was expecting in all the right ways. We got the count down and Eva was off and flew over the first before I had time to think. She felt so confident!

That leaves us in June, and there are already a few things that have happened but I’ll leave that for a post at the end of the month!

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