6 years!

On this day back in 2014 Eva officially became mine.

In previous years I have posted about our progress over the years – 4 years & 5 years – but I was recently updating Evas Digital horse competition history and we did so much last year so instead of looking back over the last 6 years I thought that I would just look our achievements last year!


16/03/2019Prelim 1361.54%4
16/03/2019Prelim 1562%4

I only competed in one dressage competition last year before the eventing season started. After this I made the decision not to do anymore dressage at home. There were a few factors that played in to this, I mostly stopped due to lack of time but also towards the end of the year although our scores in dressage didn’t change too much she felt happier doing the dressage away from home. So I decided that actually we obviously will do flat work and practice our dressage at home it just wasn’t worth the energy and money if I know she will be happier doing it away from home.



While we only did two showjumping shows, last year we were jumping far more consistently and we did our first meter class and survived!!


29/04/2019Forgandenny PC O.D.EBE8042.8 (57.2%)017.657.6
30/06/2018Hopetoun Horse TrialsBE8033.8 (66.2%)840138.2
02/09/2019Tyninghame O.D.E80cm35.6 (64.4%)0??

The dressage at all three events we did last year was BE90 92 (2009), which was was good to be able to compare.

On cross country our first one started with some stage fright (Refusing from the starting box…) the same happened at Hopetoun but by the time we got to the Tyninghame O.D.E we cantered through the start box and she was off! It felt like the third time out it clicked and she was fab!

Our very last event of 2019 was a pick a fence, in which we did the majority of the course (a part from 2 refusals from which we had to jump the lower jump) at 90cm! It was a great note to end on.

17/09/2019Tyninghame P.A.F90cm

On to this year, our first (and only) event so far this year was a hunter trials (March Hunter Trials), during which she loaded like a gem and marched me down to the warm up! It had been six month since the P.A.F and while I was very very tempted to do the 90cm I decided that we should do the 80cm instead. However half way round there was a 90 optional to jump which I took and she flew over it without any hesitation.

08/03/2020Duns H.T80cm

With everything that has happened this year it is hard to think about what we might be getting up to next. My original plan was to do two events at 80 then straight up to 90s, but as we haven’t even gotten out to any cross country since the hunter trials I am going to have to just see how we do when we get out next. There is a cross country course that is very near by which has opened for hire again so as soon as we can I think I will see about hiring that and borrowing the trailer to get down there.

Eva has always been a her diva self but I feel like in this past year she has come into her self a bit more. I think its a combination of her maturing as well as getting out of the yard and giving her more to think about, suddenly when she sees more of the world she realises that home is a good place to come back to. And actually as soon as she realised that getting in a trailer/lorry means we go have fun then come back to the same yard it seems like she wants to go and do more.

Eva being stunning while I hang out next to her

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