What now?

We are now – insert number because I’ve lost count – in to lockdown. It’s beginning to feel like this whole year is going to be a bit of a write off and yet there are now little pieces coming through that BSJ and BD are thinking on starting up again. There have also been hints of some eventing towards the end of July!

Could it be true ?

That means Eva and I need to get fit!

It brings mixed feelings for me, on the one hand it will be good to get out and about again but at the same time it does come with the worry of how competitions will be co-ordinated to keep everyone safe! It will be interesting to see how thing unfold, speaking to various people at the yard I’ve heard a few rumours of how the competitions of BSJ and BE might operate but we will have to wait and see how the format will change.

Working away

Eva and I have been getting some lessons from an instructor who is also based at the yard, however I have definitely taken my foot off the pedal. With the lessons Eva has been feeling much more connected through the middle and off the leg. But with everything becoming stronger that does mean she has a bit more power to use when she’s feeling feisty. I have also been keeping on top of her to stop her locking up through her neck, as she does this to get out of connecting through her back and therefore makes me work harder. Since its become a something I’ve been focusing on a lot more she already feels like she is moving better within herself.

During a short schooling session last week we did some jumping one of the jumps was a stand alone filler to get our aim and to get her back into the idea of not just jumping over poles. #thingseventersdo

The filler is a white rectangle, as there is no jump wings either side it is very easy for the horse to nip out either side therefore coming up to the jump she needs to be balanced.

Here is a wee clip of our jumping, I was focusing on keeping her in-front of me and staying behind the motion in order to keep her forward and also keeping a consistent rhythm through out.

I kept the jumps low as we were just getting our eye back in. Part of me wanted to get greedy and put the height up but I refrained as we haven’t been jumping very much recently.

Looking Forward

For June I plan on hacking a little more to get our fitness up, having a lesson or two to keep us on the right track and jumping a little more in the preparation for the possibility of getting to a little showjumping – or maybe even a O.D.E – towards the end of the year!

With the grass coming through and Eva being in less work it does mean that she has a bit of a grass belly coming on that I need to keep a close eye on!

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