While we stay at home….

Before the lock down I was hoping that Eva and I would be out and about this summer to do a fair amount, either eventing, showjumping or maybe even a beach trip. I had even penciled in what heights that I was planning on doing which included moving up a level but with everything that is going on the world those plans are on hold, for how long we do not know.

While we can’t go out Eva and I certainly have a few things to be brushing up on while we stay at home but keeping up the motivation, I’ll admit, has been difficult.

What we got up to in April

Eva and I have being doing a lot more hacking than usual and using the fields to build up fitness by doing a lot of canter work, that is until the fields that we were hacking round dried up and turned solid so for now, until we get some rain, I’ve turned back to the school.

I had my first lesson of the year in April, during which I realised that I really do need more! In the lesson we focused first on really bringing Eva together and balancing the paces, we then went on to do some grid work. We ended on a great note in a forward energetic canter and her taking me forward into the jumps.

Looking ahead

I want to be ready so that at the first opportunity to go out we can make the most of it, however with that staying motivated when there is so much else going on is difficult. With that in mind I’m going to sign Eva and I up to regular lessons with an instructor on the yard so that we have something to work on for our next lesson.

I have also been working out more at home, mostly following along to madfit youtube videos, as after the hunter trials I realised how unfit I had gotten after winter. In all honesty Im probably just breaking even as I have been eating a lot more in lockdown so it will probably equal out and I’ll end lockdown with the same result!

Eva is now out 24/7 for summer, on the one hand I didn’t mind leaving the house for a few hours to muck out in the evenings after working from home all day but on the other I am a bit exhausted and it will be nice to go up to ride or spend time with Eva instead of running about mucking out e.c.t as well.

The rain has finally arrived which means we will be able to use the fields again as the ground wont be so hard, I was really enjoying pottering around the fields before so I’m looking forward to doing the same again.

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