Review: Think Fly

With summer fast approaching I have been sent a fly spray by Brinicombe equine to try out. I was delighted when they contacted me as I had been wanting to buy a new one quite soon as I had noticed an increase in flies while out hacking and when taking Eva in from the field.

I have a love hate relationship with fly sprays. On the one hand I love the fact that – if they work – then you are no longer buzzing with flies when out hacking or when you horse is in the field, however I don’t like the chemical smell that comes with a lot of sprays therefore a spray that works and doesn’t have a chemical smell is ideal for me.

The Company & Product

Brinicombe equine are specialists in equine health and nutrition who are based in Devon. The fly spray they have produced is made from 100% natural components that also has a balanced pH to help reduce skin irritation therefore suitable for horses with sensitive skin.

The fly spray contains patented PST22 polysulphide technology. Brinicombe have been developing the polysulphide technology for almost 20 years and already use it in horse feeds, meaning it’s completely food safe. It is in fact being used in a research project to see if it could be a sustainable solution in the problem of parasites in farmed fish.

Brinicombe Equine believe it is important to reduce the need for chemicals in the industry which is something that I personally agree with. As organic products in our daily life become more desirable why not have a few lotions and potions in your tack room that are also organic!

A 500ml bottle costs £16.93 which is inline with other products on the market – Brinicombe also have various offers currently available such as buy one and get a second half price on their site*. You can buy the fly spray directly from their website – here.

Testing it Out

To put this to the test I needed to wait for a reasonably still, warm day where the flies would be out in force around the fields.

To ensure I properly tested it out I used it over several days and each time I had it out Eva liked to give it a good sniff, she was obviously picking up the garlic smell!

The bottle itself was easy to use and sprays a wide fine mist and the way the bottle is designed means that it also doesn’t get all over your hands when using it.

I put it on Eva & my helmet while schooling and on several hacks where there can be plenty of flies and we weren’t bothered by them at all!

Final Thoughts

I really like this fly spray!

Its organic, it has a lovely garlic smell rather than the chemical smell that a lot of fly sprays have and finally it works!

I would definitely buy more in the future when my current bottle runs out!

*correct as at 13/4/20

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