Rain and wind, then some more rain

It feels like it’s been several weeks since we’ve had a day where it has not been raining, blowing a hurricane, or both!!

I think we all get a bit demotivated around this time of year. Its getting lighter but it is still not light enough to hack afterwork. The eventing season is very close but hasn’t started yet so while there are a few tentative dates in the diary there is no entries put in yet so it doesn’t feel like you are actually going to anything.

That a long with Eva loosing a shoe at the start end last week means my motivation is at an all time low. It feels like my money is swiftly leaving my bank account but with nothing to show for it, which to be frank is just frustrating.

The cherry on top is I haven’t been riding as much as I would like to as it has been storm after storm, which means when I do ride I notice how much my fitness has decreased. It has been so windy at the yard that even the people who go out and compete regularly haven’t been out because its not worth the risk driving in the wind.

This pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right not

Ok fine I will admit I’m in a sulk!

…. with the weather. I also think I’m getting a little bit of cabin fever having not been out to any competitions over winter.

Taking a deep breath and standing back for a second Eva and I actually do have some plans coming up which I need to get my arse in gear for and which I really should be focusing on instead of being pissed off that its raining. (…..again)

The farrier is out tomorrow to for normal appointment and to put the shoe back on, as soon as its on I will be entering the showjumping at the yard end of the end of the week. I’m only going to enter the 90cm class as it been a while since we have entered anything as well as I don’t like jumping a 1m class in the indoor as sometimes the angles get a bit tight for us in that school.

We also might have another mode of transport this year! My dad who lives a 3/4 hour drive away has agreed to tow on occasion and a very kind woman at the yard has agreed to lend us her trailer to see if we can get Eva loaded in. The trailer itself has the middle partition taken out which I think Eva will prefer – we will soon find out! All going well with the practice run there is a pick a fence a few weeks after that which is a 5/10min drive away which I will hopefully get Eva to.

Then all going to plan fast forward to the start of April and there is a BE event near by which hopefully we can get a lift to but none of that is confirmed yet so I am not getting my hopes up.

As for right now I’m planning on actually riding my horse this week even if that means a quick 10mins in the rain with a sheet on, as both of us need to get back to some sort of routine!

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