Hitting Refresh



Not just a new year a new decade! (Heavily resisting the “new me”)

You might be wandering what Eva and I have been up to and the answer to that is not much!

I rode a hand full of times over November and December but as it the new year its time to get going again.

Over all Eva is fitter and while her fitness it will of decreased this last few months I lunged her this weekend and was surprised how well she was maintaining her canter on the lunge – something that she has always been very lazy about.

First ride of the new year

In order get us going again I have decided a rough weekly plan;

  • Ride x 4
    • Jumping/Pole work x 2
    • Flatwork x 2
  • Hack x1 – Which will have to be at the weekend as it is still far too dark by the time I get to the yard after work.

I’ve made two goals for Eva and I, and I’ve kept them simple, because without my own transport I don’t like to assume.

The first is to show jump a 1m course at a competition (something we did in June last year but haven’t done again!) and the second is to do at least one BE90.

Last year was fantastic for Eva and I, we had the privilege of getting out to some eventing (Forgandenny, Hopetoun & more) and we jumped our highest course yet (May Madness), we had a video shoot taken by a dear friend of mine and at the end of season we popped round a pick a fence all but one of the jumps at 90!!

But towards the end of last year Eva and I got in a bit of a rut, I had a lot going on in my personal life and it took over, but we’ve now both had a little time off and I am ready to charge ahead with getting both of us fit again.

(That first ride after the break was tougher than I thought it would be!)

I really need to book myself in for regular lessons again but I want to be back in the swing of things before getting one. Therefore I’m aiming to book a lesson in the first week of February.

Here on the blog I am planning to start posting regularly again on how Eva and I are getting on, as well as add more product reviews (contact me if there is a particular product you’d like to see).

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