August Disappeared

In short we bought and moved in to a house, promptly striped the wallpaper, re-wallpapered and painted the living room, we spent four days at Blair Atholl Horse Trials, we had a lot of family visits and Eva and I did a one day event!

Anyway lets skip to what the blog is for the one day event…

I entered the 80 since it was a little while since we last did an event and what with everything else going on I didn’t manage to keep up the work with Eva. But she was amazing and we ended up finishing on our dressage score!

Our dressage scored 35.5, it felt like it rode better but our canter was just not there like it was at our previous event.

I kept our jumping in the warm up to a minimal and this seemed to work for us. Her showjumping was so chilled! Her rhythm was so steady and consistent, I just needed to point her at the next jump!

Then on to the cross country. Again for the warm up I didn’t do much jumping and warmed up mostly on the flat and popped a few when I saw the horse two before us head up to the start box.

Our problem before on cross country was that she would get a little bit of stage fright when realising she was on her own. This time that wasn’t the case! I timed the start box so we trotted in picked up canter and off we went!

Evas face didn’t change the whole way round the cross country

She was fantastic she did hesitate at a few things but not a complete stop at all! It made me feel like we could of gone round the bigger jumps!

Overall it was a great outing and I can’t wait for the next one!

This feels like a very short post but I promise it will be back to normal soon!

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