Our next event.

Happy Monday! How on earth is it the end of July!? This year has been amazing but it is flying by! I feel like I have barely had time to ride with everything going on at the moment but in order to refocus slightly I have entered Eva and I in our next event!

Woo hoo I can’t wait!!

I really enjoyed our last event but reflecting back it is one which we can learn a few things.

The dressage she was awesome in and all I can do is repeat the same as I did last time which was to have a lesson quite close to the event to work on our flat work and hope prey that Eva is sauntering her way around the dressage warm up in the totally chilled out way she did last time.

The showjumping I was disappointed in but I’m not disappointed with her I’m disappointed in how I rode. I was rushing her too much. If I had slowed her down to a balanced trot we would of cleared those fences. But did I do that? Nope!  

The xc we had stage fright and I think a lot of that was to do with the fact that we hadn’t properly hacked in ages. So this last few weeks I have been making an effort to head out round the fields even if its just in walk to save her bare feet.

Overall I need to stop rushing which is difficult to do when you are nervous but we just need to take a deep breath and rather than rush to the next fence we just need to take our time a little bit more. And not forget that these are not big fences for Eva and I but at the same time I need to have her attention as if they are!

It feels like a very short post today but don’t worry I have a few more planned so keep an eye out!

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