Introducing Hengsy

I was recently contacted by Hengsy and asked about collaborating with them and after visiting their site and finding out a little more about them I decided to say yes.

Hengsy are a new outdoor brand, as they are not only for horse lovers but for those who love the outdoors and to explore.

What struck me about Hengsy is that they donate €1,00 for each product purchased. The fact that they are a new brand who are focused on giving to charity, makes me feel like the person behind the brand is very conscientious and someone who wants to make a difference.

If you follow me on Instagram you will of probably already seen that since I received a cap from them, I have been wearing it quite a lot.

On the site they have quite a variety of styles and colours, giving plenty of options to everyone!

Boldness is within. And it leads us to greater things. We are all born with the craving to explore. But along the way, some of us forget that daring is in our nature.


I think this is an exciting new brand that is emerging and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for what they do next!

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