5 years

It has been a whole 5 years since a bought Eva!

It was the shy, quiet, gental creature that drew me to her ….. Pfft who am I kidding!

It was the “Go on make me” attitude that caught my eye along with the feel of untapped potential in her jump.

5 years on and we have jumped our first meter class and while it wasn’t a winning round she certainly tried her heart out for me and I couldn’t be prouder!

Instead of a long soppy post about our time together instead I have chosen my favourite picture from each year we have had together.

Year 1 : 2014 – 2015

She had always been drawn to the youngsters of the field and looked after them. In fact I have often thought about putting her in foal but for various reasons have decided against it.

Year 2 : 2015 – 2016

During this year we were just getting to know each other and our love of jumping.

Year 3 : 2016 -2017

Our second time out together and she won both the 70cm and 80cm class which I was absolutely delighted with.

Year 4 : 2017 – 2018

We focused a lot on the dressage but our hearts just weren’t in. Don’t get me wrong while we do mostly flat work competing in dressage just isn’t our jam.

Year 5 : 2018 – 2019

A doubler. The first one because I just love this photo and the second one the first ever walk back after finishing the cross country at our first event!

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