The Non-Horsey Partner 2

Some of you might remember a while ago I handed things over to my boyfriend for his take on things for a Non-Horsey Partner post. And now we have another! Enjoy!

The first cross country

It’s been a long while since I have written anything. I have no real excuse for it. Sadly, as I wish I did have a cool excuse that now I work globally and fly around the world for work or something to that extent it was more along the lines of life got in the way in terms of my job and I was lazy. During this whole time though one thing in my life was constant.


Horses never change.

During this long period, I was still around helping every now and again and being present to the ever up and down world that my girlfriend was involved in.

Part of me is okay with not having written much as I feel that being just present and watching the events unfold has allowed me to see a big change in my girlfriend’s equestrian career. These changes have made me even more proud of her.

I have been kind of in awe of her since I met her years ago anyway but in the horsey world, I think I just had my first Rockstar moment recently when she competed at her first cross country event and…..

She was bloody awesome!

It is a strange feeling getting such a buzz from literally doing nothing except watching and listening. Reading that sentence back to myself there made me sound lame but I do stand by my words. It was intense as I listened in whilst she rode the cross-country course as my gut started worrying that I was going to hear her name and then the following sentence would be about her having been thrown or a refusal or something along those lines.

It’s strange knowing someone close who participates or competes in an extreme sport. It changes your relationship with the sport. The day before she competed, I did think back and realised while I knew she was always aiming to get to this stage and compete in cross country, I couldn’t really plan for the change in my feelings surrounding it until it happened.

If I was casually watching any sport that had a higher chance of injury, I would be saddened if I witnessed someone get hurt. I would hope that overall their okay, no broken parts, that it was just a bump, but in terms of my overall day it probably wouldn’t affect much. I would go about and still comment on how hard or how easy something looks whilst ignoring the fact most likely I’m sitting at the side-lines with a beer in hand lazing about being as safe as you possibly can.

When its someone close to you, it does change the way you think, and the difference is odd. I think about ambulances. I think about phone calls with bad news. I think about silly stuff like being kicked by a horse and somehow that breaks every bone in your body cartoon style, and she is in like a full body cast.

Strangely I am glad I feel that though.

Don’t get me wrong, it would break my heart if she was ever truly hurt but at the same time, I think it’s wrong to fear that. The danger will always be there in one form or another. You have danger from the simple act of being on top of the horse.

And for all that worry, the sight of her telling me she was terrified but then that she loved competing was amazing. You could never ask for a better feeling in life. That slightly mad but like ecstatic look of just having a fantastic time competing.

Instead of imagined disaster, I got to hear a commentator who seemed to be having as much as a good time as I was, watching and describing the skill in which she tackled each jump despite having such a problem with the first jump. That was what was so great as I experienced this mini rollercoaster arc of ups and downs and hoping that she would succeed, and when she completed the course, I couldn’t have been prouder. I guess this is why people get into sports, competing or watching sports as week on week getting to experience this is pretty great.

Cross country went great, the show jumping went great too.

We don’t mention dressage though. That doesn’t exist when we talk about the event even though I’m sure it’ll change in the future.

But all in all going to this one-day event to watch her was one of the best days I’ve ever had, and I can confidently say she loved it too. I am excited to keep going to the next events, even though I know It will be a lot of early morning starts and late-night finishes

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