Summer Planning

Here we are the start of summer, and for this summer I am hoping to do a fair amount of going out and about. I need a plan of action not only because I need to make sure I learn the right dressage tests and Eva is fit enough but also from a financial side because you might of heard eventing is eexxppeennsiive!

I love a good spreadsheet to plan out every cost, anyone else do that or is it just me ?

In regards to Evas fitness, what with the whole shoe kerfuffle we haven’t been hacking regularly in ages and having the grass coming through at an alarming rate Eva has gained a bit of a grass belly.

However the shoes are now back on and we can start to increase the pressure again. Although the shoe is on, it is just on. If she looses it again she will have to go barefoot until it has fully regrown.

The fast growing grass means the wired, hormonal, non-catching fire-breathing dragon which as always at this time of year has made its appearance. (I’m pretty sure she only allowed herself to be caught the other day because she needed a pee and couldn’t be bothered to continue galloping around the field winding everyone up pissing everyone off.) Therefore you can’t switch off when handling or riding her at the moment you need to just need to be aware that dramageddon might happen at any given moment. With this dragon, that I have for a couple of months, I have to plan everything out. She will need exercises to keep her brain busy during training and any competitions I go to I cannot have her sitting in a field idle for a week before and expect her to behave when I get on for the warmup at a competition. Everything I do will need to be well thought out and planned if I want the most out of her.

Guess what. I love a plan of action.

At the moment getting out and about for June is a bit up in the air.

There are two eventing events in total that we were hoping to get to, one at the very start and one at the very end.

The event at the very start – Kirkley Hall – I have decided to wait until last minute to enter. Why ? Because if the shoe comes off again I won’t enter as I want to give it time to recover as I really want Eva to feel confident going out and most off all I want her to enjoy herself. I also want to be able to ride forward and not be riding backwards because I’m scared of her slipping. If the shoe is still on and feeling fine then I will enter.

The event at the very end of June – Hopetoun – if everything goes to plan I will be entering. Our farrier is out on the Friday before so if the shoes are off they can recover during June and be put back on ready for the event.

I’m currently undecided about the height, if we do Kirkley Hall we will do the 80 and if she feels confident then I might do the 90 at Hopetoun but she has to be feeling confident. I still don’t know how she’s going to react next time it could go either way, it might be “Oh this ! Lets go!” or it might be “Oh this! No I won’t be leaving the starting box!“. We will have to see at the end of the day I don’t want to put pressure on us because at the moment I want us both to enjoy it!

Other than the eventing there is showjumping team competition at the yard which we are entering, I’m looking forward to doing some more showjumping as our last one was a success for us.

At the moment I don’t have plans for July and August, I need to book in a few lessons to work on our flat work especially, Eva and I are really just not getting the hang of this whole dressage thing. The canter still needs improvement and I need to be better at planning out our flatwork sessions as we both loose focus quickly when not jumping. Its funny during a jumping round Eva will pop in flying changes when needed (she attempted two one time changes in our last round! ), but actually ask her for one on the flat she has no idea what you are on about!

If we do have further plans I will, of course, be posting about them and that includes any x-country training or lessons that we get up to.

That is us for now! Meanwhile I’ll continue to work on Eva’s fitness and continue to keep an eye on that shoe!

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