We had a miscommunication

On a bit of a whim I decided to enter Eva in to the 90cm class of a showjumping competition on the yard.

I hadn’t ridden Eva much that week as I was still very much on the high of doing our first ODE. Obviously Eva is now in ok shape and with that comes extra energy which I hadn’t quite factored in.

Safe to say Eva was felling quite fresh, therefore I sat through a few fly bucks in the warm up arena and going in to our round I was feeling that if I stayed on that it would be a good round!

Unlike myself – who was quite happy about us jumping the 90cm – Eva was obviously feeling in the mood to push herself and over jump a good portion of the course!

I think when I said 90cm Eva heard 1.10m!!

Oh she such a keen bean. Let me just go faint quietly in the corner over here!

Safe to say the round felt very yeeha! But it was clear! We were the 5th or 6th horse to go but the first one clear! About 5 more went clear meaning it was on to the jump off!

I can’t remember when Eva and I were last in a jump off – I’m not sure if we ever have been in a jump off! Either way I was not going to aim for fast I was aiming for safe.

With that in mind I ended up taking a long route to number 8 but we were clear so I was happy with that. I didn’t ride it like a jump off I rode just to be clear.

The next few went in an all had poles down I was beginning to feel lucky. The last horse went in and went clear and took the short cut to number 8.

As the last horse was quicker they were first and we came in second. Not bad I think!

Although I’m sure how impressed Eva was at landing second – if only her navigator had taken the faster route!

What with Eva over jumping everything it makes we feel like we could have a bash at a meter class in the not too distant future. However I won’t be doing that while the jumps are in the indoor.

Why ?

There are a few jumps that it are quite close to the wall for my comfort, for example jump number two in this course was a reasonably tight turn afterwards and jump number 7 was two strides after a turn. So while Eva is over jumping 90, to get round and up for anything bigger would require her to be much more on her hocks. And collecting her up is not something that I want to do at this moment in time.

Also on a side note the amount of flying changes she was chucking in! We only ever tend to pop in a flying change once never attempt the one time changes that she popped in between four and five!

3 thoughts on “We had a miscommunication

  1. Here in the US, the BLUE ribbon is the best! I also had to ask Google how many feet 90cm is. We’re all kinds of backwards here.
    You’re brave to jump a course like that at any height indoors!

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