Shoe Saga

If I were more of a pessimist I would think the world is out to stop me eventing.

Im trying very hard to remember that is it just the ups and downs of horses and we will get there!

So whats happened ?

Eva lost a shoe. Farrier put it back on. Eva lost it again.

Here’s a summary from my Instagram stories….

Thursday night I was up at the yard after work to find Eva happened to of misplaced a shoe along with a big chuck on her hoof.

A quick text to the farrier and he was able to come out the next day to pop it back on.

The farrier managed to get it back on but he had his doubts about it staying on.

So that night I put her overreaches on and tapped up the hoof muttering how this shoe will not being coming off.

By Saturday afternoon the shoe was off.

Unfortunately there is no way the shoe is not getting back on, we are going to have to wait a few weeks for the hoof to regrow.

Even with the shoe off Eva is still sound. In fact it looks/sounds worse that it actually is.

So I have made a decision.

I have texted my farrier to see if he can come out and take the final shoe off and Eva can be fully barefoot for the time being.

What makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall is that we have a pony club one day event next weekend which I really want to do, especially because our first event was abandoned.

Eva’s health and well being will be always be the top of my list. Part of me is thinking I should withdraw from the event and give Eva a few weeks off for the hoof to grow.

But the other part of me is thinking that she is sound, her hoof will regrow if she is ridden or not and she is seemingly not bothered about being a one shoe horse and if that changes, I can withdraw.

But for now why not ? We are at low level (BE80), Eva has very strong feet (our farrier once asked if I was using Iodine on her feet because they are so tough).

To sum up if the farrier can come out this week and take the shoe off, and with her still being sound, I am going to take her round this one event and see how it goes. The farrier will be out for our normal appointment in two weeks which will be before our next event and the hoof will of regrown by then so I can either decide if I want shoes back on or to keep them off when he is next out.

Because she has good feet theoretically she should be able to step in and out of shoes, I plan on looking into barefoot eventing further and I will write up a post on what I find out later.

Have you ever evented or competed in any discipline barefoot ? How did you find it ?

Oh and one other thing! Remember that tantrum we had about loading in a lorry. Yeah thats fine now.

We went to have a practice and were ready to stand outside the lorry for as long as it takes to get her loading in and out. We put a chifney on to stop her rearing and trying to bugger off. She stood on the ramp and thought about flinging her head up but felt the bit and seemed to think that actually its not worth it and quietly loaded.

Within 10 mins Eva had loaded and unloaded three times and the last time I had only the head collar clipped on so that the chifney was still there but there was no pressure on it. Never mind the bucking, rearing and running backwards we had last time, this we won and she had a positive experience with the lorry so I’m hoping that will continue even if we keep the chifney on for now.

This post has turned into the ups and downs of horses and that is only the last three days!

2 thoughts on “Shoe Saga

  1. The worst story ever Shoe Sagas! I evented a barefoot OTTB years ago but the ground was ideal with great footing so it worked out for us. He had HORRIBLE feet and it took over a year of proper nutrition and trimming to get rid of those track toes. I kept him barefoot that year with boots and lots of sacrifices to the farrier gods, thankfully he had just a few issues until the foot finally adjusted properly.

    Would a boot work for this situation? I currently have an OTSTB that I do distance and dressage with and we compete barefoot with boots if trail conditions require it.

    Best of luck!! I had a dressage show planned but almost no riding due to weather and work (we have a mud farm currently, it is sunny today which is dangerously close to drying out the mud).

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    1. They are aren’t they! Normally she only ever pulls a shoe a few days before the farrier arrives even then that is a rare occurrence.
      Hmm possibly I will have to look in to that, although Im not sure how I would feel about jumping in them I think I would prefer her barefoot so she’s got more feel of the ground.
      Thank you! And hopefully you will get out to some dressage soon and the mud doesn’t hold you back for too much longer. ๐Ÿ™‚


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