We went Cross Country Training!

Yesterday for the second time in our time together Eva and I went cross country schooling!

It’s been almost five years and we have been on a cross country course a total of twice but hey-oh I will get my own transport one day and that will change!

Anyway back to yesterday,

She was absolutely bloody amazing!

She jumped everything I asked, water, ditches, steps the lot.

Well actually. For the steps we did the first one then kinda went up the side of hill for the next two – i.e the more difficult route – but it was a solid attempt!

We had a slight discussion about the sand pit, the change from grass to sand needed a bit of inspection before she could set foot on it. 

Her paces went up a gear so it felt like we were flying along which was amazing to feel. She felt happy and for once in her life it felt like she was eager to please!

We started off quite small and friendly but ended up getting over a few bigger jumps. 


And this is a hell of a big but.

The loading.

The lorry we were going in is a massive ass spacious thing with more than enough room for her and the four other horses that we were going with.

It took five people to get her in.


Five people blocking all exits.

And it was the same but with three people on the way back.

She’s alway been funny loading either she would get straight on without a second thought or all hell breaks loose.

Normally even if she has a fuss getting in when heading out, she has always loaded alright on the way back. Maybe a slight bit of resistance but nothing over ten minutes of “thinking about it”. Not the full rearing and bucking we had this time.

When she is in the lorry she’s not bothered. At the other side she’s not sweating or panting coming off so clearly she has not had a stressful time when in the lorry. She doesn’t even stamp or kick in the lorry in fact you would barely know she’s there!

Its frustrating.

We don’t have much opportunity to go out so if we were heading out more I would hope that she would get over it and would stop needing five people waving various objects in order for her to load!

This year we have a fantastic opportunity to get out and about. Its an opportunity that I want to grab with both hands. But with our loading problems I’m paranoid that this opportunity might fade.

There are a few ways this could go.

And this is the point at which owning horses can get difficult but at the end of the day I would rather think a head of the options I might have to consider rather than sit going round in circles.

Firstly, I need a plan of how we are going to win this battle.

I’m hoping she will get better and when she realises we go out for fun then come home each time, she will start wanting or at least not mind going out.

If not I will trying everything from behaviourists to magic calmers to voodoo, the works! But if she is still not happy then I cannot continue putting her and the people taking us through this.

Then I need to decide if I really want to compete in eventing which means I will have to find another job for Eva to do (perhaps on loan, she will need a job as sitting doing nothing will make her quite hard to handle) and I buy a horse that will do the job I want.

Or I decide to stick to the unaffiliated showjumping and dressage at the yard we are at and wait until I have my own transport so I can work through it ourselves with out wasting anyone else’s time or I can afford a second horse -which ever comes first – before I try eventing again.

What ever option I choose Eva won’t be getting sold as I love her too much to risk her going to a home that wouldn’t take her quirks. 

Im very much hoping we overcome this and with some luck are heading towards the BE 90 level by the end of the year but we will have to see!

Fingers crossed for us!

P.s Nope I didn’t get any pictures but I didn’t want to be the “take a picture of me girl” and sometimes its good to forget you have a phone on you.

6 thoughts on “We went Cross Country Training!

  1. Sounds like a great day out! Except for the loading ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I feel for you. My mare Stella was a nightmare to load. I invested some time and money into finding a brilliant loading expert, and had him give me and Stella “loading lessons”. When the pressure of having to get somewhere at a certain time was taken away and we could focus just on teaching her that loading was no big deal, it changed everything. Maybe you could find someone local who come come do some work with you? Good luck with everything, I know it’s hard when you don’t have your own transport xx

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  2. Loading is a nightmare and every horse seems to need a completely different approach. Very few of the horses on my yard will just walk straight on and they all have different styles to help them load.
    Scottie loads best when you give him 2 nice slow attempts to walk halfway up the ramp, have a look around and then back off again. If he doesn’t go on in these first attempts, having someone stand behind him is usually enough for him to go on without fuss.
    Another horse on our yard will stand at the bottom of the ramp with one front foot on the ramp. They will stand there for ages until they finally decide to go on without a fuss. Any attempts to chase or bully them on results in them planting and refusing to move anywhere.
    They are all so different and it is just about finding what works for them, which can take ages to work out!

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    1. Yeah I agree and as we don’t get out much for us it’s always been luck of the day on what works but I’m hoping going out more will get us used to it and it will no longer be a drama. We been doing some practice and so far so good so fingers crossed we won’t need to go down the road of magic techniques to get her in! ๐Ÿ™ˆ


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