Our first event was……






Sorry perhaps I’m being a little dramatic.

While I watched others on Instagram celebrating their first outing of the year in lovely weather, up here in Scotland the rain continued and it won.

As you can see the showjumping warm up arena was looking more like a war zone than a warmup arena!

Lets be realistic here I don’t think Eva would of enjoyed getting her hooves muddy.

But I was so prepared.

I had my trustee mark todd breaches, my new stock and show shirt (which I managed to grab for a bargain at local sales) my whole outfit was ready for the day ahead. I had my tack cleaned. Eva was in from the field and I was just about to start bathing.

Then I got the text of dooooom

(Sorry I can’t help it I’m on the drama train now)

My heart sank.

While I am a bit gutted that we didn’t get to our first event, I am glad that it was called off rather than trying to keep going.

If they did keep going not only would I of had to figure how to handle Eva I would of also had a difficult time negotiating the ground as well.

Safe to say it would of been a steep learning curve for both myself and Eva and not what I intended for our first event.

I had entered the BE80 with the intention of getting round in a calm manner so that any thing that looked scary we could take it easy and not necessarily of needed to be in canter to get over. As there is no point starting a 90 and giving ourselves a harder time that necessary on our first outing.

I’m hoping to arrange something else quite soon but as I am forever scared of jinxing things you will just have to keep an eye out to see what happens next.

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