Lets go eventing!

This year I am hoping to get Eva out and about to some eventing!

While I’m very excited I am also a pessimist. Therefore until Eva and I are trotting up the centre line of the dressage phase will not believe that we are actually doing it.

However in saying that, I can be prepared so that if it does all go to plan Eva and I are ready to give it our best shot!

Fitness & Training

Eva and I will both need to be quite fit, therefore I have been hacking a lot more. A fair bit of this hacking has been on the roads in order to toughen up her legs and feet. She is still barefoot on the back, her back feet are so solid now that the trotting along roads has barely effected them at all!

I also hacked around the gallops the other day and we got a few good canters without Eva dramatically spooking.

However its one thing getting Eva fit I also need to get myself fit as well! Since my job involves me sitting at a desk all day I have starting doing yoga regularly as well as following youtube at home strength training exercises in order to get myself fit.

As eventing involves all three disciplines I can work on the show jumping and dressage while at home. This month I entered the showjumping which unfortunately was cancelled but I also entered the dressage will hopefully go ahead next weekend.

The Gear

I have all my show gear for dressage and showjumping so on that front I feel like I am prepared. The cross-country how ever I am patchy. I have my skull hat, body protector and have ordered Eva eventing boots and over reach boots for her fronts. But thats about it. I have an aztec diamond grey base layer which I guess can be my top.

Im assuming I should have rubber reins on my bridle, do I need to get my own bib and electric tape for my boots? Its the simple things like that, that I’ll not realise I’m missing until the day.

I recently bought a new bridle which I am in love with – a post on it will be up later – the reins have stoppers on them but are leather.

At the moment I am going off of horse and hounds eventing checklist, to make sure I have everything that I’ll need but if you event yourself please let me know if there is anything that would be useful!

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