Why I’ve been a little quiet

In short I was devoting a lot of my free time to studying. I had one final exam to do in order to gain a professional certificate so I decided to book my exam and push myself to get to out the way as soon as possible.

The result?

I passed 🎉🎉

I’m so relieved that it is finished and glad that it is out the way before summer!

However as this became the fore front of my life for the last month I had to miss an arena event and accidentally missed the entry for the dressage this month.

The arena event I was ok with missing as I was two days before the exam so I really couldn’t justify doing it.

But the dressage I’m slightly annoyed at myself at. The dressage competition itself wasn’t until after the exam, meaning I had time to practice the tests. It wasn’t until the morning after the entries closed that I realised I missed it!

Oh well I may not be able to compete but what I can do is practice the tests.

In other news Eva has been signed up to British Eventing, had her annual MOT – I was very lucky with the timing of vaccinations as Eva had her Flu jab a week before the outbreak – and feet have been done by the farrier.

Looking forward there is jumping at the start of March which I will enter us in probably the 80cm and 90cm classes as we haven’t jumped in a while so to get us going a again.

Hopefully there will also be dressage that we will be able to enter and don’t miss the entry this time!

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