Why I’ve been a little quiet

In short I was devoting a lot of my free time to studying. I had one final exam to do in order to gain a professional certificate so I decided to book my exam and push myself to get to out the way as soon as possible.

The result?

I passed ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

I’m so relieved that it is finished and glad that it is out the way before summer!

However as this became the fore front of my life for the last month I had to miss an arena event and accidentally missed the entry for the dressage this month.

The arena event I was ok with missing as I was two days before the exam so I really couldn’t justify doing it.

But the dressage I’m slightly annoyed at myself at. The dressage competition itself wasn’t until after the exam, meaning I had time to practice the tests. It wasn’t until the morning after the entries closed that I realised I missed it!

Oh well I may not be able to compete but what I can do is practice the tests.

In other news Eva has been signed up to British Eventing, had her annual MOT – I was very lucky with the timing of vaccinations as Eva had her Flu jab a week before the outbreak – and feet have been done by the farrier.

Looking forward there is jumping at the start of March which I will enter us in probably the 80cm and 90cm classes as we haven’t jumped in a while so to get us going a again.

Hopefully there will also be dressage that we will be able to enter and don’t miss the entry this time!

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