Lauria Garrelli Moena Saddle Cloth

I recently bought the Lauria Garrelli Moena Saddle Cloth from Boudica Equestrian. The saddle cloth is part of a range which includes coolers, bandages and a head collar in both navy and caramel.

Now that I have had a chance to ride with it a few times now I want to give you my thoughts on it.

Firstly, the colour scheme. I love the navy and rose gold looks super smart and this makes it suitable to wear at some unaffliated show jumping. It works with Evas colour really well but I also have seen others with it on and it works with different horses colours very well.

There is also a caramel colour which I dont think would suit Eva but in the pictures it looks gorgeous on bays.

The other thing that I liked the look of was the wading and padding. Again this makes it look super smart which I love but I also think it makes it look more luxurious.

I also like how it has the tabs on to keep it from sliding back too far, I never like saddle cloths that don’t have any tabs as they always end up sliding back!

I currently wear this daily on Eva as I just love it so much. The whole collection looks gorgeous and I do love a bit of matchy matchy… I mean don’t we all ?

Some of the other items in the range

If you do check out Boudica Equestrian and what they have to offer remember and use the code MAC10 for 10% off your order.

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