I’m a bit late this year with the obligatory goals for this year post.

Part of the reason was I couldn’t decide what to put down and another part was I didn’t want to put what I really want down because I don’t want to jinx it.
Does that sound paranoid?


Let’s start with the simple stuff. Show jumping. At the end of 2018 I felt like the 90cm was becoming a good height for Eva and I and felt like it wouldn’t be too out of our way to attempt a meter class. I feel like we would get round a solid half of the jumps without a disaster. So with that in mind goal number one is to jump in a meter class.

Next, the dressage. I set quite a high goal for us last year and this year I’m not going to do that. This year I want to come out feeling like I’ve done a good test.
No bucking.
No spooking.
No stomping.
No kicking out at the nearest flower pot.
No forgetting my test because I’m trying to deal with the above.
If we can do that then I’ll be happy.

And finally the eventing, without saying too much this year it looks like we might finally get out to some! I’ve been trying for a long time to sort out transport, however a lot of it was unaffordable for me at the time. This year it looks like a good opportunity has come up which I intend on grabbing with both hands! Don’t worry if & when we go out I will be telling you all about it. But that is all I am saying for now on the subject.

With the above in mind I have settled on a weekly training regime for Eva and I.
2 days flat work (or lunge).
2 days jumping.
1 day hack.
Meaning Eva is in work 5 days a week and off for 2.

I also in tend on having a lesson every two weeks, ideally shared which is pretty much sorted.

As at the start of every year it is time for Eva’s MOT, I’m needing to book her in for a saddle check and her vaccinations are due in February therefore I will be booking them in soon as well. I am also planning on getting the Osteopath out again, as I did at the start of last year. Eva was in disbelief at being man handled in such a way last year but I do think it helped her loosen off as I felt a difference when riding.

I’m really looking forward to this summer but first to get Evas fitness up!

Do you have any exciting horsey plans this year ?

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