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I’ve been wanting to write about equestrian Instagram for a while now but never really settled on how or what aspect of Instagram to focus on. So today I am focusing on how I run my Instagram overall. 

Personally I really enjoy Instagram, and while I wish my feed was some sort of aesthetically pleasing master piece I don’t happen to have a photographer to follow me around 24/7 to make that happen.  Although I do have a boyfriend that gets roped in more than he would like. 

At the end of the day social media is not real life.

I know right! A revelation right there.

I use my Instagram as a way to share what Eva and I have been up to and as a creative outlet. 

Original photo
After editing

At the moment I rely heavily on my phone which means the quality is pretty dire and difficult during the darkening nights of winter but I hope to have a new camera soon which I can’t wait to have a play about with! 

Ok so first up, taking the picture.

Horses move a round so much! Or mine does at least, so don’t be afraid of taking loads. That way when you come to posting the photo later you have options, guaranteed there will be a load that are out of focus and you horse is blinking. Therefore once you filter it down to useable photos you will probably only have one or two left.  It is easier when something in the distance has their attention, that tends to mean their ears are forward to. I am lucky in that Eva is a mare that stops everything to listen to some noise else where – probably a mouse farting in a stable somewhere – and while she is frozen listening out for the danger I will often take as many pictures as I can. 

Next the editing.

As a standard I use an app called VSCO. Mostly the M3,M5 or T1 filters on a low strength. Then I will go into the details and probably up the contrast, play with the saturation and split tone. A lot of this is hard to explain and depends on the photo. If I’m feeling particularly creative or don’t have much to do that day I will also use an app called Facetune and bring up the details and defocus the background to bring the main focus of the image forward – thats right Facetune is not just for selfies! There is also a feature on Facetune that allows you to whiten parts of the picture, yes I have used this a few times to whiten Evas socks!

Using different split tones on VSCO

Its up to you how much you edit and I vary how much I do. Most of my photos are adjusted in some way but not all to the same degree. Sometimes I will just bring the brightness up. At the end of the day I find editing is half the fun, for example finding how I can bring the dapples up in Evas coat more, or how I can get the warmth or coldness of day through.

Finally, the feed

I use the Ipreview app to organise what I am going to post next. It helps keep the hashtags in the one place as you can save lists. Therefore I don’t type out however many hashtags every time I post. You can also schedule posts so that can plan which photos you want to post when – which is better from a business point of view. For me it also means I can pretty much plan out weeks and have then all scheduled in so that I don’t have the need to be on my phone as much. Does that work?…. well yes sometimes.

Hashtags are an interesting one and probably can be a post on its own, but for now use as much or as little as you like. 

I think I’m going to create a mini series on here and go in to more detail on the editing and taking pictures – if you’d like to know more about a specific aspect then let me know in either the comments section or the contact page.

By no means am I a professional photographer – in fact the professionals are probably cringing at what I have written – but I do want to share how I get the pictures that I do

Do you have a horsey Instagram? Do you edit your photos or just post the last photo you took ?


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