|| Winter ’18 ||

December is going to be quite quiet for Eva and I. I have a few work nights out and of course christmas presents to buy, I also tend to give Eva her usual two weeks off over Christmas as I think its good to give them a break every now and again.

There is some unaffiliated showjumping this weekend which I think I will enter the 90 in and give Eva a pop round.

I have made an order from Boudica Equestrian which is being delivered in the next few days, I bought something for both Eva and myself so watch out for a post on that!

••• Code: MAC10 for 10% off your order at Boudica Equestrian •••

At the moment Im focusing on quality over quantity when I ride. So that I might not ride for long but I want more when I do, don’t get me wrong I don’t expect Eva to pull off a warm-up on par with Valegro. But it does mean that when jumping, for example, I won’t spend too long jumping the same jump or the same height, I will move on quicker rather that do what we find easy for too long.

I am also focusing a lot on our canter and transitions to canter. Our canter work is quite 50/50 at the moment either we get a bit stuck and end up bucking or we manage to avoid that rut and are quite happy. What I have started doing – which has improved things – is giving her a bit of a blast down a long side to open up the canter during our warm up. Doing this seems to help us not get so stuck in our canter work later.

It’s now the time of year where I need to think about what I want to do with Eva next year so that I can get a plan of action. Ideally I want to get Eva out to some eventing or hunter trials at least therefore I need to figure out which is the best way for me to afford it and get as out and about!

Have you started thinking about what you want to achieve with your horse in 2019 ?

Let me know and comment below.

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