Eva is not a fan of getting clipped. In short she hates being tickled so will barrel over anyone that does anything remotely tickley.

A horse was getting clipped on the yard a few weeks ago and she was standing at the back of her stable having a bit of a snort at the whole situation… (play video with sound on)

Talk about dramatic right !?

The fact that she stands refusing to eat and snorting away at the sound of the clippers, I knew we had to get this fixed …. or at least desensitise her enough that the sound of them wasn’t going to have her cowering in the stable.

The plan was to basically follow the idea of the BEVA easy clipping video. After a few attempts I managed to be patting her while holding the clippers and I did manage to get them on her for a short amount of time before she had a bit of a panic about the whole thing. At least I managed to get them beside her without her having a break down at the sound of them.

As Eva was going to be sedated for the farrier I decided to make the most of it, as per usual at this time of year, and give her a clip. I don’t normally give her much for the farrier – I have been lowering the as she is becoming better – however I upped it for this time so that we could clip after.

I had someone who is far more experienced at clipping than me roped in to help out. She helped me with the lines and then both of us worked away either side of Eva so that the clip would be completed quickly. The woman who was helping me could do a lot of the clip but when it came to Eva’s chest, Eva tolerated it for a short amount of time but would not fall back to sleep and kept doing her stamping and threatening.  However if I was holding the clippers I could get right in there in her elbows and arm pits and she didn’t bat an eye lid! At one point the woman even pointed to the spot I had missed and even then Eva aggressively stamped her leg but again was happy for me to do it.

I do feel quite lucky that I am the one that Eva will tolerate! I mean after 4 years I suppose she’s just given up and has accepted that Im not going away – but I’ll take it!

Here is the final result!

Still looking a little sleepy from the sedation

I would love her fully clipped but I don’t think its worth the risk of her back legs!

Why do I clip her like this?

Its basically a slight modification of an irish clip so that as much as possible is taken off with out. In the ideal world I would do a full clip but I don’t think even I would be lucky enough to get a set of clippers near her back legs. This clip does for the amount of work she is in.

What about you guys, does your horse mind being clipped? What sort of clip do you do?

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