Boudica Equestrian // First Order

**Several of the items featured in this post are no longer sold by Boudica Equestrian**

2018-10-20 052583301939222741705..jpg

You might be aware that I am currently working with Boudica Equestrian. I recently did a wee shop and I thought I would show you what I bought in my first order!

Originally I was thinking I would do an “unboxing” video, but instead I wanted to wear the what I bought first and to be honest I have barely worn anything else! (… When at the yard)

First up the Equectech Pelham Jodphurs (£45.75). (Unfortunately the ones I have are unavailable however the ones linked are very similar but with added grip) They are so comfortable!! Not only are they super comfy but they are also practical as they have a phone pocket that zips shut. I know a lot of jophurs/legging currently on the market have the phone pocket but not many zip up. If I were ever riding in a pair without a zip I think I would always have a fear of my phone flying out especially when jumping. As this pair have a zip to keep your phone safe I don’t have that fear! I like the material of them as well, as they are also a little thicker than some other riding leggings that I have tried on before, meaning I don’t feel like my arse is on show when I wear them! Ideal!

Next up the superxcountry sportsline riding gloves (£25.00). These gloves come in three different colour styles – navy and rose gold, black and white, and white dressage. I bought them in navy and rose gold, as navy is our colour so it was the obvious choice as matchy matchy style is very important in the horsey world. They are a lovely fit and will be perfect for when I eventually get my mare out to some cross country!

2018-10-20 052656745022537757819..jpg

Finally the Equetech Micro Jacket (£99.95). One thing that surprised me about the jacket is how light weight it is, but it still keeps you warm. I think it is going to be ideal for winter. Personally I like the length of it as well, I prefer jackets that aren’t too long which makes this jacket ideal for me however for those who prefer a longer jacket Boudica Equestrian also stocks longer version of the jacket. I also like the detailing on the jacket such as the zips are all snaffles, I won’t lie it took me longer than I want to say to pick up on that, but its such a cute little detail! One more pointer for this jacket is that the hood of the jacket is easily detachable, so if you don’t want/need the hood on it can easily be removed.

2018-10-20 052545117682640224935..jpg
The outfit as a whole

Overall I am very happy with everything that I bought from Boudica Equestrian, the delivery is also free for all UK orders and my items arrived quickly.

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