Horses and fireworks

As we head in to the darker nights of winter, it is that time of year when fireworks start being sold in a lot of the stores.

I’m not really a fan of fireworks.

giphy (7).gif

I am glad that by the time the fireworks are going off Eva is inside. The first field I had Eva at she was out in the open while the fireworks were going off, sending all the horses in to a panic and when its that dark its lucky they can see the fence line that they are bolting towards.

Have any of you ever been holding a horse when fireworks have started going off near by?


I have!

It was a rather bolshy highland that stormed out of the yard to the field. It was incredibly scary as I didn’t have a torch and I was skiing down the track towards a road in the pitch black. It happened to be people who recently moved to the countryside without any experience of living there before and then decided the animals in at the neighbouring farm will be totally fine if they set fireworks off.


I mean really people!?! Can we all not have a little bit of common sense ?!

With that being said here are five helpful tips to keep your horse safe when there are fireworks.

  1. Firstly keep an eye out for when displays are happening so that you can plan ahead.
  2. Try to keep your horse in its normal routine. Ensuring either the stable or the field is safe and secure
  3. If the horse is stabled, play the radio! The sound of the radio can mask the noise of the fireworks and keep the horses calm.
  4. If the horse is kept out make sure you or an experienced person can be there to keep a watch of the horses. That way should they get into trouble you can be there.
  5. Watch out for yourself. If a horse spooks and bolts it is best that you are not on the end of the lead rope!


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