Microchipping Your Horse

Ok so Im really quite late to this. 

Like months late…. I really don’t have a reason why other than I forgot about it.



In June this year the following was released from DEFRA;

“From October 2020 it will be mandatory for all owners to microchip their horses, ponies and donkeys. The new Central Equine Database will then allow local authorities and police to track down the owners of dumped horses and make sure they are punished and the animals are given the care they deserve. It will also mean lost or stolen horses will be reunited with their owners more easily.”

“If horse owners do not microchip their horses by October 2020 they could face sanctions from their local authority including a compliance notice and, as a last resort, a fine of up to £200.”

This initiative will hopefully lower and protect the number of horses being dumped or abused unnecessarily.

It also means that horses owners that do treat their animals in such a way can be found and take account for their actions.

However in Scottish regulation “Microchipping became compulsory on July 1st 2009”, so that foals born from 2009 are required to be microchipped. Therefore while it has been compulsory for a while it is hard to tell how effective it has been especially as it was not compulsory just over the boarder  in England and Wales. Having the regulations come into effect England and Wales it will hopefully bring down the numbers of horses whos owners are unable to be tranced. 

Sources :DEFRA, Gov Scot – Animal Welfare


After seeing the above I needed to make sure that Eva has one! (Plus she came over from Ireland). On her passport there is a number for a chip but no bar code, and I have never actually had it scanned to see that it was still working.

It went out of my mind for a while but I luckily remembered when I had the vet out to give her a general check up, so I asked the vet scan Eva for it.

After giving her a scan the vet couldn’t find the chip. She suggested that if Eva had been chipped as a foal it perhaps had moved and therefore was no longer scan-able.

As Eva had been sedated* for the dental work it was a great opportunity to give her a new one!

Sorry Eva! A quick jab and an very angry face from Eva and she had a new chip!

*Eva was very well behaved with the needle for the sedation which I will be going into for another post.


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