|| October Plans ’18||


October means the horses are officially in during the nights until spring time. Which means mucking out time… oh good! This also means Eva is going to have a bit of a tantrum about being in at nights again for the first few days. Ok well its not a full on tantrum. Its more passive aggressive than that. Basically if there is anything she can reach it will be knocked over, dragged in to the stable, stood on, pooped on and generally making a mess to prove a point of her not being “satisfied” with her situation. Mares eh! Or perhaps is it just Eva? At the end of the day I would rather her be like that and therefore I can see problems coming from miles away and deal with them/her rather than her just exploding one day and I have no idea why.

As for what we are getting up to this month, I plan on having a few lessons to work on our flat work.

There is a charity showjumping show in the middle of the month which Im considering entering.

This year they are also running the Halloween Fun show again this year, for those of you who have followed this blog for a while you might remember last years blog post on this show – Halloween Fun Show โ€“ I fell off!! ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ‘ป– I am currently undecided as to if I will be entering it this year or not yet!

There is dressage on this month but I am opting to miss out on it as I think we need to work on a few things before entering. Instead I will aim for the next one which I believe will be in November.

I have also made a purchase from Boudica Equestrian which I am looking forward to sharing with you when it gets here!

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