Unaffiliated Showjumping ||September ’18

A bit of a last minute decision I decided – since the previous showjumping we entered was cancelled – we may as well enter the show at the weekend and have a pop round the 90cm.

I brought Eva in a bit too early as there was no way of telling what time our class would be on. I ended up putting her in the walker for half an hour to let her stretch her legs a little during our wait.

The round was fantastic! Apart from a little lost of concentration in the middle which resulted in four faults, Eva popped round beautifully!

Plus we came 4th as only one person got round clear! Although my boyfriend did go full soccer mum on me and and swear blind I should of been at least third if not second !

Eva behaved a little better than last time in the lap of honour but did throw in a yeeha style buck which prompted a “Did you see that!!” comment from a girl clearing up the jumps!

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