Stable Shuffle, a Storm & a Hack

We’ve had a bit of a shuffle before winter comes in meaning that Eva and I are now in a new barn.

The new barn is a little bit more open and Eva can now see other horses opposite her. After introducing herself squealing to the new neighbours she seems to of settled in quite happliy.

The new stable also has an automatic water drinker which I have no idea if Eva has ever seen in a stable before, either way I put a small bucket of water out for her just in case she doesn’t quite grasp the idea yet.

I decided to keep Eva in as the weather was looking a bit dreadful and as there isn’t much shelter in the field!

The rain was lashing down with wind to boot! (I mean nothing like the hurricanes that you hear about on the news but for us (British people) this is quite traumatic and we will talk about this).

In general I slightly disagree with “humanising” our horses – example over rugging because we (not the horse) are cold – however we have domesticated them in a way that they are in fields that might not have the appropriate shelter for days like this.

So while “duvet days” are far more of a human thing and when they have shelter, food and water in the field they will look after themselves in a case like this, when they don’t have that much shelter, Eva was in for one of those duvet days.

I was up later that evening to muck her out and set up her stable for the night.

The next day I was up just after 8, and instead of lunging before riding in the school I decided to take the plunge and go for a hack! Its been months and our last few solo hacks were a bit on the unsuccessful side. So under a slight moment of madness I tacked up and set off.

Considering that Eva had been stabled for almost 24 hours, was it a good idea ? Probably not.

As soon as we got to the road, Evas back came up, her bum tucked in underneath and she started doing her “I’m going to kick off” threats.

So I was sitting there like ….


Knowing Eva for long enough when she gets in this mood you need to talk her out of it and do it fast!

So a few deep breaths later I calmed her down. And we were off!

She marched a long quite happy! The first trot was a bit nerve-racking and she was very tight. But after we quite happily marched on.

The next trot (up a small hill) we got half way up then Eva started spooking. Why was she spooking ? She was spooking to get out of the trot! The next trot (up another hill) she did the same. Talk about tactics!

The final hill (the big hill) we started trotting up but I could hear a car behind us. I checked behind and saw a lorry coming towards us! I got half way up the hill and managed to nip into the gateway of a field to let it past. She stood still for about all of two seconds then started shuffling about but did behave her self and happily trotted on again…. until she got tired and started trying to find something scary to look at.

We finished the rest of the hack quite happily.

Im very happy with us managing to go straight out and not making excuses and I am very happy with her settling down and just getting on with it – after testing the waters to make sure I am serious about hacking of course!

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