Review: Dublin Arderin Tall Field boots

Review time!!
For my birthday this year I was fortunate enough to receive a few horsey items. Most of the items I received were for competitions therefore I decided to wait until I had a chance to wear them a few times before writing up a review.

With that said I now feel like I have worn my Dublin Arderin tall field boots enough to be able to write a review on them, so let’s get straight into it!

These are a smart pair of boots that have a spanish top line and detailing around the foot make them very suitable for competitions. They are also reasonably affordable for a good pair of competition boots without breaking the bank.


  • Around my foot and ankle they are a great fit. They didn’t require any breaking in, there was no rubbing around my ankle or heal at all.
  • They look super smart and are perfect for shows.


  • They are very slim fitting around the calf and initially rubbed a little at the back of my knee.


I really love these boots but I feel like if my calves were slightly bigger then the boots would not fit therefore I would only recommend to those with slim calves. I still I think they are super smart, good quality boots and really comfortable -I wore them for the whole day common riding without complaint!

You can find them on amazon here

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