Pole Work : Grids


I love doing grid work! Yes I genuinely find it really fun to do! However I don’t do it that often mainly because of all the getting on and off involved. So a few weeks ago when my friend visited us she helped set up the poles and adjusted them through out the session.

Grid work is great for getting the horse to use their brain to figure out the problem themselves, builds fitness for both the horse and rider, and encourages the horse snap up their legs quickly.

We started with 9 canter poles making sure the striding was correct.

Then we raised one side of alternate poles but leaving some poles flat on the ground. Raising one side of the pole encourages Eva to start thinking about each pole individually, as a rider it makes you do the same. The poles were raised high enough to make her pick up her feet but not so high that she needs to jump.

Then we put in a few straight bars. Now there was even more to think about as there are three different types of poles in the set so here Eva was really needing to concentrate.

Finally we raised all to straight bars making it a pole followed by six bounces then a final two poles. Therefore from either direction we needed to remember and ride the poles at the end and not just give up after the jumps were over.

I was also asking for transitions in-between doing each set to keep her on the ball. Eva is the type of horse that needs her brain occupied the more she is doing and the more that is doing on the better she behaves. She won’t listen when bored of doing trot circle after trot circle, I need to go in with a plan for every ride or else we both end up bickering like an old married couple.

I have added all the footage taken together to give you an overall veiw of the session. Hopefully you can get some ideas to use in your next riding session.

(Note : Each exercise was completed twice in each direction)

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