Unaffiliated Showjumping || August ’18

It has been quite a while since Eva and I have done a jumping competition and I am very happy with how it went! The competition was run in single phase rounds which means the first 6 jumps were a basic clear round then jumps 7 to 12 are timed, any faults during both of the sections are accumulated, and all jumps are at the set height.

We came 5th…. or 6th! Im actually not sure which. I thought the announcement said 6th but I was handed a 5th place rosette! But I would take either! It was a class of roughly 15 people so I was very happy being in the placings.

Going into our round I was feeling a littleย very nervous as, recently, Eva and I have been having some issues with bucking, yet she has been jumping fantastically.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

So I figured as long as I could stay on we would be fine…. right !?

Turns out there was no bucking at all during our round!

However in saying the that. You know how there is always that one horse who can’t stand still for the prize giving. That does tiny canter circles as everyone is getting their rosettes. That takes off when everyone goes for the lap of honour. That throws a few bucks as the horses canter round.


That. Was .Us

It made me laugh. She behaved so well for the jumping round but couldn’t help herself getting over excited for the prize giving.

If she continues jumping like this I would feel confident trying out a meter class providing it was single phase!


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