||August Plans ’18||


August gearing up to be a busy horsey month but Eva is only featuring in one weekend!

Don’t worry I’m sure she’s delighted. As I have previously mentioned Eva is a very independent horse and quite frankly I am the mere human that gets in her way.

First up is a common ride out. Common riding is an annual event in a lot of the towns in the Scottish Boarders, in short it is a traditional massive ride out which is meant to commemorate the times of the past when local men risked their lives in order to protect their town and people. My friend and I have hired horses to join in on one, I could of taken Eva but that would of involved a lot more effort for me – this is something that I will go further into in the post I do about how it goes.

In the third weekend Eva and I are entering a showjumping competition, which I’m really looking forward to. It certainly has been a while since we have done a showjumping competition and that is not for lack of trying !

At the end of August is Blair!! (Blair Atholl Horse Trials) My friend and I have been going for the last 8 years so it is a bit of a tradition. Last year we went for the Friday to Sunday but this year we are heading up for the full four days so Im really looking forward to it. It is also the final of the ERM series which should be good to watch as the leader board is looking close with Christopher Burton currently in the lead.

In other exciting news I am currently trying Eva out on a focus & recovery supplement from Equinetic and I have been offered a discount code for anyone else that wishes to try it!

If you use the code MACMURRAY5 you will receive £5 off your order!


Great right! I decided to trial it as Eva is being very sharp at the moment. As in I tried to go for a hack that we have done multiple times before and we had about five mental breakdowns during it! While I am use to her being spooky on hacks this was a whole new level. So something like this will hopefully help to rebalance what ever is going on.

Do you have any horsey plans in August ?

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