Solid Ground

Last year I took the back shoes off of Eva.

I took them off after she lost one of the back shoes and there was a bit of fuss about getting it back on. I realised that she didn’t appear to be bothered about the missing shoe and the fact that the last few times the farrier had been out he had commented on how hard her feet were, this pretty much made my decision for me. Therefore it was a good chance to see how she would get on without.

Through out winter she was completely fine not bothered at all. It felt like it was the right decision.

I was even able to lower the sedation as she is the worse with her back legs and as she was only needing a tirm a lot less time was needed to sort them therefore a lot less time for her to get bored and start acting up.

Plus I was saving money not having to pay for a full set of shoes.

Taking her back shoes off ment a lot of positives, up until now.

With all the hot weather the ground is very hard right now and her back feet are taking the hit.

The farrier is due out soon and I am now debating about putting the shoes back on. Which, of course, means I will need more dope and more money.

In order to help her feet I haven’t been hacking as much – I have barely hacked this year full stop- and definitely have not been going on roads as I don’t want to cause anymore unnecessary damage. While I don’t want more damage to happen with her feet I also am slightly reluctant to shoe the backs when I don’t feel like it is necessary as she isn’t showing the slightest signs that they are bothering her which makes me think I am being an overly worried owner and that the damage is more cosmetic. On the other hand maybe I should put them on for the hoof to repair a bit.
The only reason she had four shoes on in the first place is that she had four when I bought her and they weren’t in the best condition so she needed them.

I already know a discussion with the farrier will most likely end with him saying the decision is mine and what do I want done.

Of course is Eva bothered about any of this ?
Am I being an overly worried owner?

P.s Unfortunately the showjumping competition that I mentioned in my mid year goal check was cancelled. So I will have to keep my eyes open for another one!

One thought on “Solid Ground

  1. Biasini has never had back shoes and we hack on varied ground. This year it has been so hot and dry here that I have been wonderig how his feet would stand up. For the first time he has a small chip on the outside of his left hind. I rasped it smooth and the farrier comes next week. I hope you will find another show to go to. All the best with Eva’s feet.

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