While this blog/corner of the internet is primarily about the mishaps adventures of myself and Eva, I do like adding in posts with a difference, these might be on topics that either I find interesting, have caught my attention or -I feel- would be of interest to anyone reading. That being said it is mostly equine based or stretching further in to various countryside topics/areas, these posts could be guest posts featuring a different point of view or product reviews. I don’t believe in posting anything on here that I either wouldn’t consider buying myself or that is just for the sake of promotion.

You might notice that this blog change a little over the next few months as I am now looking to more of these “other topics”. Over the next few months you will see more product reviews and guest posts! Some products I have bought for myself -or asked for as a birthday present- some which have been sent to me to try (I will always specify which). All, as I previously said, I would not put on here without believing in.

Of course I will continue to post about the Eva and I and our mishaps/adventures but be prepared to see a little more of something different because let’s face it no one wants a blog on “Today I mucked out and Eva has peed loads last night so I had to replace a lot of shavings“!

At the end of the day half of my personal blog posts are written a half tounge in cheek and half this is the lesson I have learnt and I enjoy keeping it light hearted in that way.

With the above in mind if you are a company/blogger/rider and feel you have something that might be interesting for other equestrian/countryside people to read please do get in touch via the contacts page and we can discuss.

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