Mid Year Goal Check


As the middle of the year approaches it is time to reflect on those 2018 goals I set for myself and assess how things are getting on.

First of all, why did I set these goals? Well to be honest it is almost the same reason that I started this blog. The blog helps me keep track of the progress I have made with her and the goals are what drives me to keep making progress. If I don’t give myself a deadline for something to get done it will never get done. Like ever. I will completely forget about it. As I do want to get reasonably serious with competition I need these drivers to keep me motivated and “stay on track” so to speak or else Eva and I will just happily potter about forever
Schooling : Move off the leg
She is definitely more off the leg and moving forward a lot more than at the start of the year. Some more improvement is needed to now get her to hold her self at the same time but we are making lots of progress in that direction … when she’s concentrating.
● Dressage: Achieve + 70% in a Prelim test.
So far in the year I have done 6 tests over 3 competitions, have I reached 70%? Erm.


To be honest my eye went off the ball a bit (a bit! It was set on fire, rolled off a cliff and plunged down a never ending pit never to be seen again!).

I have focused a lot on our jumping since March. The next dressage we will do won’t be until possibly October! This is because in July there is the Petplan festival, in August I don’t plan on competing at all and in September there is the Scottish championship therefore unless they have an unaffiliated class put on in the July or September competitions we won’t be doing any dressage. But that means when we do get round to dressage again we can be nailing the 70s right??

Dressage: Do one Novice test ?
As we have not achieved the 70% goal yet, I highly doubt this will happen, this will probably be better for next year.
Showjumping: Compete in a 90cm class.
So far this year I have competed in no proper showjumping competitions however we have jumped at 90cm in a schooling night. She flew round and took me in to the jumps and we only knocked one pole which was my fault as we came quite unbalanced round a corner to a jump and I pulled up too much, I should of quickly steadied her then let her go for it.

I have also just entered us in our first BSJ show! A senior 90cm Open class, which I am really looking forward to. We are competing on a “ticket to ride” as Im not paying for a full showjumping membership when the cost of jumping on a ticket will work out cheaper for us …just now.
Compete in one arena Event.
This goal was ticked off very quickly, in January, and in my excitement at getting to jump anything near a cross country fence I missed a jump out, if you havent read that post you can find it here.
Blog Goal – Expansion
Well you might of noticed a change in name from “The Scottish Rider” to “The Scottish Equestrian” not a massive change but a change. There are also going to be further changes but I will go into that in another post.

One thing that I refrained from putting on my list of things I want to achieve this year was taking Eva to a cross country course which if you read my last post you will know that we managed to do!! The only reason I didn’t put it on is because it is a massive expense unless you can get a lift with someone and at the start of the year I didn’t know anyone with a big enough lorry that would be able to fit Eva in, she’s not exactly small. We were fortunate enough to be offered a lift an opportunity which I thoroughly enjoyed!

What about you ? What have you been aiming to achieve this year with your horse ? Have you got there yet or is there some more work to be done?

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