Royal Highland Show

What is the Royal Highland Show ?
It is a massive four day agricultural event that takes place just outside Edinburgh. At the event cattle, sheep and horses are shown and competed, various displays take place, there is a big shopping village and loads of food stalls. You can probably guess that my friend and I were there for the horses. However as we went to wander round the horsey stalls we found ourselves in the food hall tasting copious amount of delicious food samples – with my friend seriously considering taking home 8 different favours of cheeses but managed to contain herself and only leaving with four!

There is so much to do and see at a show like this that you really do need the whole day! My friend and I were there bright and early at half seven for opening and even then we were by far not the first in! Plus we didn’t leave until about 5pm!

Long story short I was planning on buying myself a pair of jodphers, my boyfriend some cheese -as per his request- and sit and watch some showjumping/ look at all the horses.


We certainly saw a lot of horses being showjumped and shown.

And my boyfriend got his requested cheeses.

….And Eva got a nice new set of jumping boots thanks to my friend posing a very thorough argument on why I need them. (I think I will do a review on them as soon as I have tried them out a couple of times – so watch out for that!)

Anyway moving on I also got myself some chutney.

So the shopping list didn’t exactly go to plan but how could I resist!


We managed to cover the majority of the show ground, which on a day as hot as it was, was quite good going! Even up to the ‘lifestyle village’ were we both picked up frozen lemonades and my friend got herself a new handbag for work.


During our round of the food hall we decided to take a break and refresh ourselves with a prosecco and a gin mojito. Mainly because if we didn’t stop we would of bought so much more food!


The showjumping was very good to watch, the first round we watch was an accumulator round during which was very fast with some on a penny turns !

Later on were the young classes with some incredibly competitive rounds by children on there ponies racing over the 1.05m courses! Kids who have far more competition experience than my friend and I put together !

From ponies to Clydesdales, we also saw the Clydesdales carriages on there way out of the main ring including a set of six Belgian drafts that would make 17.2hh Eva look like a pony. As my friend said it is incredible to think of the amount of power in the hands of the man holding the reins!

The weather was perfect. And yes mum I had my suncream. As the weather was looking so nice I decided to wear a new pair of shorts with a white long sleeved top and my tweed gilet from Equestrian Co, I haven’t worn shorts in years other than to play badminton. So my pale legs were out to glow in the Scottish sun. But somehow in my mind I didn’t connect the dots between having my legs exposed to the elements and it being very sunny. It took until about 12 when I suddenly realised my legs were feeling very hot. Even then when I put some suncream it clearly wasn’t enough. So from the Highland show I also got one very sunburnt leg, another sunburnt knee (I don’t know how that worked either) and a small patch of burn right on my hair line.

For a ginger exposed to the sun all day I’m taking that as a success!

I was certainly looking better than some of the people we saw as we were leaving at the end…


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