June Dressage ’18

It feels like its been a while since I last did a dressage test!

Maybe I’m getting a head of myself.

It has been two months since our last dressage and that was a rather interesting one in March.

At least it did hail stone this time! I wish it did hail stone this time as at least we would of had a decent excuse for the scores !

The last time I entered us into prelim 13 and 19 tests was back in October, so entering this time I was hoping to improve on our score a little.

My first test – Prelim 13 – was just after ten so I decided not to keep Eva in overnight and instead bring her in and plait up in the morning. She was having a sleep when we went down to the field and it took a little time to convince her to get up …


While plaiting up she was getting quite rude so we weren’t starting out the day being best friends, but as we had plenty of time her pushing about didn’t make us late.

One of my gifts for my birthday was acoustic ears from Le Meuix, these are designed to block out noises so as we had a little time I decided to try them on. Eva was very unimpressed but she did quite down! If that was because she thought I would remove them faster if she stood still or she was genuinely calmer because of it, we won’t know until she has worn them a few times.

We went in to the warm up for the first test and, to be honest, the start of our warm up was very much us charging round and round the arena. A friend of mine saw our bull in china shop act and as we went past said, “if anything make her go at your speed“, that helped us loads. Sometimes its just someone being there to say the right thing makes a big difference. That being said we were still very spooky but at least it wasn’t spooking at 100 miles per hour. Even our canter was feeling good – it hasn’t been feeling good for a week or two.

It wasn’t long before we were going in to the Prelim 13, I knew she was going to be difficult and she was all for poking her nose out and having a look at what ever caught her eye rather than paying attention to me. As we finished I already knew it wasn’t our best, but there wasn’t time to think about it too much as it wasn’t long before our next test, the prelim 19.

2018-06-17 011139964780..jpg
Yes I have filtered these to the max to try make up for the quality!

The next test didn’t get better.

There was bucking and extra moves.

All of which I sat but it interrupted our rhythm and I had to fight her quite a lot to stop her charging off or to stop her bucking more. She was being difficult and I wasn’t ridding it as well as I could of done.

2018-06-17 011603247137..jpg

Our results were 57.5% and 53.75%, for the prelim 13 and 19 respectively. The prelim 13 I can accept, however the prelim 19 I am frustrated with myself about. Our transitions were messy and I didn’t help her out with them and I allowed her to become unbalanced during parts were I should of been focused on balancing her.

2018-06-17 012003959105..jpg

I was hoping we would get closer to 60% for them both but it really wasn’t our day as neither of us had our head in the game. I was rushing everything a long because she was being difficult so I was almost trying to ride everything as fast as possible because maybe that way the judge might miss the messy part…that should work right ?? Unfortunately that innovative way of riding a dressage test didn’t quite work in our favour!

2018-06-17 01683211677..jpg

At least I looked good decked out in my new gear which I got for my birthday while riding and I have definitely learnt some lessons for next time! Plus our next competition is probably going to be some jumping at least I can relax for that ! (It should be the other way around shouldn’t it ?)

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