The Equestrian Bank Account – Buying a new horse Part 3

Horses are expensive. Lets not pretend. But for some of us its not about if you will buy a horse is it more about when you will buy a horse. Even if I didn’t buy my mare when the opportunity to buy came up I would have definitely been loaning or riding another persons horse, while saving up for my own.

If I meet someone new and end up mentioning that I have a horse I quite often get asked how much that costs or have the comment “that must be expensive“, well yes of course it takes up a massive part of my life but its a massive passion of mine that I couldn’t imagine not having in my life. Therefore I have decided to do a little three part series that will look at what expenses you can expect when buying a horse, in order to give you a realistic view of how much horses cost.

In this part I will look at what expenses you can expect after you have bought the horse.

The Horse Equipment.

For everything below you can buy cheap versions or expensive versions, however bare in mind the cheap versions will need to be replaced sooner.


Buy them out of season. By that I mean your heavy weights in summer and your light weights in summer. Hopefully you have not bought the rug destroyer extraordinaire of horses and they can keep for a few years.


Once you are working your horse regularly you might need to change the feed to suit the work load. If you start adding supplements this will add up as well.


You don’t have to buy high end saddles or tack, second hand tack is cheaper but might have slight wear and tare. Lets not forget the lead ropes, head collars and brushes that will also need purchased.

~Competition Entry~

If you are looking to compete your horse you will also need to look at the costs of transport and entries. These can vary depending what discipline you are competing in and of course if you are serious about that discipline the membership charges to compete in affiliated competitions.

If you can’t afford it remember there are always other ways to ride such as loaning, sharing or lessons all of which will give you valuable experiences preparing you for when you buy that first horse.

There are probably things that I have missed out but the three parts include the basics of what is needed to buy and look after these animals. Its pretty expensive right ? And not just for Christmas! You need to be sure that you can afford it in the first place.

Who am I kidding ? Just buy the god damn horse!

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