The Equestrian Bank Account – Buying a new horse Part 2

Horses are expensive. Lets not pretend. But for some of us its not about if you will buy a horse is it more about when you will buy a horse. Even if I didn’t buy my mare when the opportunity to buy came up I would have definitely been loaning or riding another persons horse, while saving up for my own.

If I meet someone new and end up mentioning that I have a horse I quite often get asked how much that costs or have the comment “that must be expensive“, well yes of course it takes up a massive part of my life but its a huge passion of mine that I couldn’t imagine not having in my life. Therefore I have decided to do a little three part series that will look at what expenses you can expect when buying a horse, in order to give you a realistic view of how much horses cost.

In this part I will look at what expenses you can expect when buying the horse.

The first part you can find here: The Equestrian Bank Account – Buying a new horse Part 1

The horse.


The actual cost to buy a horse is probably the biggest one off cost – unless you are buying transport as well. There are a lot of things about the horse to consider before you buy, the age, experience, breed and personality of the horse, just to name a few, but if you want to get all these factors the price of the horse will add up. Evas cost wasn’t as high as it could of been as she had, how should I put this, slight personality issues that didn’t work in her favour – I say had, the glowing personality still shines through sometimes.

~Transport costs~

Once you have found your new horse. Getting them to your yard is another expense, this will depend highly on how far you travelled to view the horse and if you can blag a friend into borrowing their lorry or trailer if you do not already have your own.

~Isolation/Blood Tests~

Depending on the yard, some may ask for a strangles test before you move to the yard and then another one 10-14 days after moving to ensure there is no infection. The vet expenses to get the blood tests done will vary from vet to vet therefore it is difficult to give an estimate.

Great you now have the horse, but wait there still quite a bit more. Watch out for part 3 to find out the final expenses when buying a horse.

One thought on “The Equestrian Bank Account – Buying a new horse Part 2

  1. What a brilliant idea, I’m always getting asked that question as well. People definitely don’t realise what an expensive hobby it really is! Love it 🙂

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